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How to change system font in iOS 9 using BytaFont 3

We all love to decorate your iPhone and iPad. One of the ways to refresh the look of a standard software shell to gadgets, to replace the system font. There are several ways to replace the fonts in iOS 9, one of the easiest is to use a free application BytaFont 3.

BytaFont 3 allows a few clicks to change the system font to one of several hundred options (specifically, 700) available in the catalog Cydia. The application interface is simple and intuitive, though not translated into Russian language. The design style adapted to iOS 9.

When you start BytaFont 3 will show a list of partitions that split the collection of fonts. In order to install one of the options, you need to go to any section, select from the list the appropriate one and click Install. In the selection window, the font appears in the preview window. In the case of iOS 9 can install the fonts with BytaFont 3 support.

Outset that when you work with BytaFont you need to consider the specifics of Russian-language interfaces. Not all fonts support the Cyrillic catalog. So to start with we recommend that section Languages (tongues). In the Russian section presents a few dozen alternatives.

To install a font, click in the window that appears, click “Install” and then confirm in Cydia to download. When you return to the app, go to the Basic tab and select Ubuntu Light. After rebooting the desktop you will be able to evaluate a new font on your iPhone or iPad.

It should be noted that when you first install the software automatically creates a backup of the system font. So if you will need to return to the original Helvetica iOS 7, go to the Basic tab and click the “BytaFont Backup”.

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3 BytaFont program is completely free, you can download it in Cydia from the BigBoss repo. BytaFont 3.0 release took place recently. The developers promise to soon adapt the base fonts to the third version of the program.

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