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How to change icons from home screen iOS

The main advantage of iOS jailbroken devices in comparison with the stock is their openness. Any owner of iPhone and iPad can set up the operating system “under itself” even without the knowledge and skills of software development. For example, to set your own app icon.

In case of need we recommend to use the create Appcon, which is designed for the use of photos as program icons for iOS. The main advantage of this development calcualte that it allows you to change icons on your iPhone with just a few taps and it does not require Photoshop skills.

Utility feels fine on iOS 9 and iOS 10. You’ll need to install an app from Cydia. After starting the program you will be asked to transfer the application icons in the move mode, then touch the desired icon. The choice of images is not restricted as to use as your icons can be any photo from the Internet (URL) or from standard libraries.

After selecting a snapshot, you must specify the area that will be superimposed on the icon. Appcon allows you to replace the image of a single icon, all at once on the home screen or all the icons in the folder. In just a few seconds you can close the app and enjoy the new look of your home screen.

Appcon works without WinterBoard, Anemone and any other packages visual transformation iOS, which is an advantage of the utility. You can download the app in the standard repository BigBoss at a price of $1.99.

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