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How to cancel sending a message or SMS to iPhone

Progress makes life easier technology has really done a lot of things very convenient. On the one hand it is good, and is now much easier to make stupid mistakes. Who didn’t happen to send the wrong message to the addressee or to make a personal message on the social network public? Such errors can have catastrophic consequences. But if you care about the organization of the security system, then you won’t need to bite your elbows in search of a way to delete the message.

Let’s be honest, most of these mistakes could have been avoided if we were not distracted by extraneous things. But each are heavily loaded or depressed state, when control is problematic. We do not always closely follow what we do – no one is able to maintain alertness throughout the day. In this article we will talk about how to cancel sending mistakenly sent a text message or SMS to iPhone.

How to cancel sending the message on an iPhone without jailbreak

Step 1: To begin, open the Message and go to any chat.

Step 2: type your text – it could be an SMS or iMessage and click Send.

Step 3: When you see a strip from the top labeled send (blue in the case of iMessage or green if it’s SMS) you need to stop the process. This is a fraction of a second.

Step 4: display control Point, removing pre-keyboard swipe down. And activate airplane mode. If done quickly – you’re in luck.

Step 5: Close the control room and wait 5-10 seconds you will see that the message is not delivered. Now you can safely disable airplane mode.

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Step 6: Press and hold on an erroneous message in the chat window. In the pop-up window, click More, and then the delete icon at the bottom left.

How to cancel a sent message on iPhone with jailbreak

A new tweak called DeLe makes the delay before sending any message. Due to this is very simple to cancel the sending of unnecessary messages.

Step 1: Launch iMessage and write any text you want to send SMS or iMessage.

Step 2: When you start typing, you will see a pop-up window, ignore it and hit Send.

Step 3: Above you will see the band return with a report – delay for messages. You have time to tweak the message or delete (icon to the trash can).

If you remove all the contents of the message, it will not be sent. The tweak costs $2.99, it can be found in the default repositories Cydia.

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