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How to cancel automatic payments after the trial period Apple Music

June 30, Apple officially launched in Russia Apple music service Music. It is built into the operating system iOS 8.4, which became available to users last night. Apple Music allows you to listen to music from their iTunes library, as well as in the mode of streaming without purchasing individual tracks and albums. According to Apple, in the directory there are over 30 million tracks.

Monthly subscription to the service costs $ 169, family (up to five people) – 269 rubles. Within three months use Apple Music for free, but in order to start the trial period, you need to have to account not less than $ 169. Within three months, the service will automatically deduct the appropriate amount for the subscription renewal.

To avoid the resumption of Apple’s subscription Music already on a commercial basis the user can disable in the settings of the automatic renewal. You need to perform the following:

Step 1: Open the Music app and tap the profile icon in the top left corner. Tap View Apple ID.


Step 2: After entering the settings for your Apple ID, the program will open the page of your account. Click “Manage” in the section “Subscriptions”.

Step 3: Select the subscription on Apple Music.

Step 4: under the Apple Music Subscription find the light switch to auto-Renew.

Step 5: Turn the switch to “auto-Renew” to “Off.”

I must say that in Russia the subscription price for Apple Music is on par with the existing similar services: basic subscription on “Yandex.Music” costs 149 rubles a month for Google Play Music – 189 rubles, Zvooq – 150 rbl., on Deezer – 199 rubles.

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The launch of Apple Music, including in Russia, is a great event for the music market: this is the biggest music streaming service in our country. Experts say that the popularity of the service it will be possible to speak not earlier than six months. But at least iTunes remains the largest digital music store in Russia.

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