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How to buy a used iPhone, not to regret it

Buying a new iPhone is not cheap. Although many models fell after the release of the iPhone 7, priobretet “Apple” product not everyone. In this case, we have to look for used options.

Purchase a used gadget activity gambling – you can buy almost new phone for a ridiculous price or buy “cat in bag”. Of course, it is possible that the phone you sell has a used item for an even greater amount. In any case, you should understand that when you buy the iPhone owner there are pitfalls.

1. Will consider all offers

Even when purchasing used equipment, you have a choice. Of course, you can go on eBay or Amazon and select the cheapest option, but you should not neglect such an important aspect, as the reputation of the seller. If the person exhibited a very modest price tag — it’s worth waiting for the catch. Always read reviews and look at the ratings of other users.

It is recommended to pass the noisy sentences with record low prices and focus on ads from -50% to -70% (depending on the year of the smartphone debut) relative to the price of the same new device. Archival tags can be find in the reviews of a specific model or certain online stores.

The most reliable platform for selling used smartphones is the service Gazelle. All iPhone on the website are certified, which ensures that they are in fully working condition. Besides, Gazelle immediately indicated that binding of the apparatus to the operator and even offers a refund.

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Of course, more reliable services has its drawbacks. For example, if you are looking for a specific model, chances are that you will find her, and if they find, the price will be higher than on the same Avito.

2. Make sure iPhone unlocked

Regardless of whether you purchase the iPhone through a service or owner, you need to find out whether the smartphone is locked under a particular operator. If Yes, to use a smartphone you will have to perform the unlock procedure that is not always so simple. Therefore, it is better to buy an iPhone, works with any operator.

3. Check activation lock

If your new iPhone won’t be tied to someone else’s Apple ID, you just bought a “brick”. Therefore, when buying a used iPhone ask the seller to prove that the activation function is disabled, all data on the device needs to be reset. Thus, he will not be able to access the device after the sale.

4. Check iPhone for damage and defects

To check b/iPhone is not superfluous to bring a SIM card with a positive balance for ringer, earphone, PowerBank (portable charger), a second phone to call with him on the acquired cell. In the process of familiarization with the device should be tested the major components and check for damage:

  • External defects, scratches, chips, etc.
  • Problem with speaker and microphone. Try to call and play music through the main speaker.
  • Test the camera: take a few shots and shoot video.
  • Check the moisture indicator. You need to get the SIM card tray and see if there are any red or pink dots.
  • Test the display for dead pixels.
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Among the many sensors should pay attention to the proximity sensor.

5. Protect purchase

Sometimes too low a price tag put people who are important to quickly get rid of old toys to buy new surcharge. Sometimes such sale are resolved, the company which has accumulated a lot repaired under warranty devices. But most often shocking price tags are used by scammers who sell fake devices bought in China. Therefore, to agree to a risky deal is only if you are sure that you will be able to distinguish the fake from the original.

If you are buying online, as with any online transaction, take steps to protect the purchase. If you order a phone on eBay or similar resources, always check the seller’s feedback. If people write angry comments, so order the iPhone not worth it. Paying with PayPal, make sure that you will be able to return the money for undelivered or damaged device.

Do not forget about financial security. Take proper measures that will prevent identity theft. The use of virtual numbers, two-step authentication and other precautions are highly recommended.

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