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How to add the option “Open with…” in any application on your MacBook

The context menu on the macOS can be edited — some options are added via System preferences, but the set is quite limited. The program “Context menu” will allow you to add the option “Open with…” in any application.

“Context menu” has a simplified free version and the paid package which costs about $ 5. Add option “Open with” already available in the free version. This allows you to choose how to open all types of files in any app, even if its developers did not foresee such a feature.

To add “Open with, need

  • Download “Context menu”. As it is a Finder extension, you first need to enable it in System preferences.
  • Run “Context menu” and select the directory to which is added the option “Open with”. The feature will only work inside the specified directories. More at the installation stage to do nothing.
  • In app settings select “Context menu” and press the “+” button in the lower left corner. The option “Open with TextEdit” is taken for example. You can add all sorts of options to open files with any application.
  • Be sure to allow the changes. Now in the specified directory, you can open a convenient way any file.
  • Free version “Context menu” is enough for basic needs. Users can add programs at its discretion depending on preferences and needs.

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