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How to add pictures to emails in iOS 11

Explaining anything, people often use pencil and paper. This comes in handy if you need to draw a map or dresser that can look great in the living room. Now the same can be done in the Mail app on iOS 11.

Adding image in email

To add a picture to any email, you first need to either create the letter itself, or the answer has already been received. Then, you should tap an empty space anywhere your email, and will be a familiar small black “bubble” with different functions. Then touch the arrow to the right to go to the next page “bubble.” There will be a button “Insert picture”, you need to click on it to open the drawing screen.

It is the same as that in the program Notes. Of the tools available different pens and pencils, colors, and also have the ability to add text, captions, arrows, rectangles, or the magnifying glass by pressing the “+” sign in the far right corner of the toolbar.

Upon completion, click on “Finish” and then “Insert picture”. In addition, in an email, you can add a few more pictures and change the old one. To edit you must click on the drawing to call black a “bubble”, and select “Markup”.

Editing files sent by other people

Another great new feature in mail in iOS 11 – the ability to markup photos that a user receives before sending them back. This is useful for marking photos that like or for signing a PDF document delivered by email.

To do this, you just need to click on any image in the email to view it, and then on the little icon in the upper right corner. Will be familiar drawing tools, and the user will have the ability to change the image. Upon completion, click “Finish” and the screen will show the following options:

  • add the edited image to a new message
  • to answer the original message.

Whichever option was selected, the edited image will be inserted into the new draft. You can also undo all changes made.

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