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How to add a virtual Home button on the iPhone X

In iPhone X Apple has rejected the Central button-the gesture control. But there is a way that allows you to install a virtual Home button.

Apple has replaced the Home button for gestures that are intuitive, but some users want to return to the old way of the smartphone. Joanna stern from The Wall Street Journal explained how to add a virtual Home button. To do this:

  • Go to Settings → General → accessibility → AssistiveTouch.
  • To enable AssistiveTouch, then go to the item “top Menu”. With the help of the button “-” to remove all the icons and leave only one.
  • Click on the remaining icon and select “Home.”
  • To return to the AssistiveTouch menu, choose “Double-tap” to activate “Multitasking.”
  • Go to home screen and delete the applications you have to set the button on the place where she used to be.
  • via GIPHYТеперь for iPhone X was a virtual Home button which works also on older smartphones Apple. However, it has disadvantages. For example, it can close the controls in other applications such as Safari and Apple Music.

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