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How to add a switch to the power saving mode in the control center iOS 9 [Cydia]

In iOS 9, Apple has added a power saving mode. Formally, the technology is able to add three hours to the standard time using the iPhone. The switch function is in a special section of the settings, “Battery”, and to reach it, the user must make a few clicks in the settings of the OS. The developer of the tweak Flipswitch Low Power suggested a more practical solution.

Low Power is a Flipswitch toggle for Flipswitch extension that allows you to manage the power saving mode in iOS 9. After installing the tweak in control center there is a new toggle switch with the battery icon. Thus, when the user opens the bottom cover, it can quickly turn on or off the power saving mode.

Low Power Flipswitch is a Supplement to the Flipswitch framework. The latter is a universal solution and you can use a custom control switches for quick access to different iOS functions.

In the screenshot above you can see that the toggle switch Low Power set as the active switch in the control room. It can be used to quickly enable or disable the power saving mode, bypassing the Settings > Battery.

Previously, enthusiasts have conducted tests and found that the power saving mode can significantly extend the battery life of the iPhone.”There is a big difference between the days when I used iPhone in a power saving mode. Even the best days in normal mode do not go to any comparison with those days when I used Low Power Mode. On average, my iPhone was out of juice 38.7% slower,” he described his impressions Matt Birchler.

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Set Low Power Flipswitch from Cydia. Tweak is free.

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