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How to activate full multitasking in iOS using Watchdog [Cydia]

To iOS 4.0 operating system did not have multitasking. In recent editions of the software platform Apple is present pseudo-multitasking allows for quick switching between apps. However, the full background of any task, what is provided in alternative OSes, iOS never had. And this is understandable, given the high power requirements of the iPhone and iPad.

Long Autonomous work is good, however, and multitasking would be a perfect part of iOS, whether it is in the system. Even at the cost of battery life. Watchdog is a new jailbreak tweak that brings iOS full multitasking.

After installing the tweak, the user gains the ability to choose which apps on the iPhone and iPad should work in the background. For this you need to open the multitasking panel and touch the icon. Will pop up next to the yellow dot. iOS will not be able to forcibly unload such tasks, despite the settings of the operating system.

Of course, if you use a full multi-tasking for a large number of applications, the battery life of the iPhone will be reduced. However, a reasonable approach to extension will make use of iOS devices more flexible. For example, the user will be able to include video in Safari and YouTube and to minimize the application, continuing to listen to audio. App real multitasking will always be active and will remain at the place where they were left by the user.

We tested several apps in this mode and didn’t notice that it affected the autonomy of the iPhone. However, if you include a lot of processes, a negative impact on the battery probably won’t have to wait long.

At the moment the Watchdog is in the testing phase and available in the repository But you can use them absolutely free.

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