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How to activate dark theme on the iPhone and iPad without jailbreak

In anticipation of the announcement of iOS 10, many users have been waiting for a dark theme, but from the stage of WWDC officially it was not presented. The function announced for set-top box Apple TV, noting that it would be appropriate while using TV in a dimly lit room.

Went the assumption that dark mode will not appear in iOS 10. However, in the beta version of the operating system was detected confirming the opposite. The developers have studied the firmware code and found the dark theme for some apps. Despite the fact that the function was able to run only force in the simulation, the fact that the efforts of the developer were met, tells about the preparation of dark UI themes for iOS.

If you want to activate dark theme on my iPhone, not waiting for the official release version, you can use the instruction below.

How to activate dark theme in iOS:

Step 1: Before you start the configuration, go to Settings –> General –> accessibility –> Increase contrast and put the switch on “Low transparency” to the “Off”position.

Step 2: On your iPhone or iPad, open this link

Step 3: Scroll down to the icon with a black square. Click on the square for a few seconds, then “Save image”

Step 4: Open the standard Photos app, find the black square and set it as Wallpaper.

Now Desk, control center, widgets and other interface elements of your gadget in the dark. The icons folder is missing the background image.

To complete the image left to install third-party keyboard. We recommend to use SwiftKey or TouchPal, which have a dark theme.

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