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How to activate dark mode UI in the browser of the iPhone and iPad without jailbreak

Before the release of the final version iOS 10, many users have been waiting for a dark theme, but at WWDC and it did not show. This option became available only to users of Apple TV.

There have been suggestions that the launch mode Dark Mode has decided to postpone until iOS 11. However, in the beta version of the “dozens” was discovered confirming the opposite. In the OS code found the dark theme for some standard applications. Despite the fact that the function was able to run only force in the simulation, the fact of her presence speaks of the preparation of dark UI themes for iOS.

At the end of December it became known that the Dark Mode may debut in iOS 10.3. All details of the release is unknown, but sources said about the new regime “Cinema” in this update. Apparently, we are talking about the new black UI mode. Supposedly in the control of iOS will have an additional icon in the form of popcorn, which will allow you to activate this feature.

If you can’t wait to enable dark mode on your iPhone right now, you can do it without waiting for the release of iOS 10.3. This option is already available on your device in Safari, and would be appropriate when using the gadget in a dimly lit room.

How to activate the “dark theme” in Safari:

Step 1: Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad any article from the Internet.

Step 2: click on the icon with the image of the text in the top bar next to the website name.

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Step 3: Click the “aA” in the upper right corner of the address bar to display the drop down menu as shown below.

Step 4: Switch the background image to black.

That’s all! You activate dark mode for Safari.

It looks like a function when you scroll the browser page.

As already mentioned, the option is useful when reading at night or in low light conditions.

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