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How to activate a 10x zoom for the video in the standard camera iPhone [without jailbreak]

As you know, the iPhone 7, Apple has eliminated the design flaws of previous generations of their communicators. Lens camera has become not only larger (due to aperture), but still slightly longer due to the additional lenses. He rises above the body of the smartphone, but instead of a single ring is surrounded by a neat lift of the surface.

Optical stabilization and aperture f/1,8 in the iPhone 7 and the dual module with double optical zoom into the iPhone 7 Plus come at an opportune moment. Improved smartphone camera allows you to shoot in low light with ISO at 100 and shutter speed as long as¼, which positively affects the amount of noise.

Standard camera of Apple’s smartphone supports 10x zoom for taking photos and 6-fold zoom for video. Using a simple trick you can activate on a smartphone a video with a maximum 10x magnification. About how to do this later in our tutorial.

Step 1. For starters, run the regular Camera app.

Step 2. Put the application in standard mode for taking photos. Activate the zoom function and zoom in up to 9x. Don’t release finger from the button.

Step 3. Tap the screen with another finger to display the focus, and then immediately swipe to video mode, hold the zoom button.

Step 4. After activating the video mode, you can shoot with 10x magnification.

After you finish shooting, settings the zoom will be reset and you will have to repeat this trick. If you adapt 10x zoom for movies, you can activate the first time.

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The video below shows how to activate the function:

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