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How to access someone else’s WhatsApp account with Siri [video]

Voice assistant Siri on the iPhone can be used by hackers to steal accounts WhatsApp. About how this is possible, is amply demonstrated by the author’s YouTube account Videosdebarraquito.

For voice assistant Siri was developed a few hundred instructions, the technology is able not only to listen but also to respond. But in this case we are not talking about the vulnerability, smartphones, iPhone or service WhatsApp is just a normal characteristic of a personal assistant Apple.

To activate your account messenger on another device, the user needs only to find the telephone number of “victims”. If this information is unknown, the user can ask Siri using the phrase “My contact” or “Who owns this iPhone”. In that case, if the owner of the device enabled the option to on the smartphone screen displayed contact information.

After that, the phone number should be entered in the application WhatsApp during account activation. The service will send a verification code via voice mail, which will remain to enter on your phone to confirm activation. Ironically, steal WhatsApp accounts learned with functions intended for recovering lost devices to their owners.

Videosdebarraquito showed the procedure of intercepting WhatsApp account on video:

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