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How to access file system via iPhone browser

One of the main benefits of installing jailbreak – a large number of additional options and settings that are not available in stock iOS. All these options expand the capability and functionality of mobile devices that allow you to change the interface of the software platform Apple.

For example, users of iPhone and iPad jailbreak unable to access to the file system using programs like iFile or Filza.

In fact, it can be done on a MacBook using Terminal and SSH. But there is an easier way – you can view files and folders on your iOS device with any other computer/laptop/tablet using a normal browser.

Step 1: first open Cydia and install the application called Filza File Manager.

Step 2: Open Filza and go to Settings – Preferences (with the gear icon on the bottom panel).

Step 3: In the settings enable the WebDAV Protocol. To do this, switch the toggle switch “Enable WebDAV” in the “On”position.

Step 4: Now the file system of your iPhone or iPad will be available through any browser on a computer connected to the same Wi-Fi network. To do this, enter in the address bar IP address of your mobile device, you can also find in Filza in the section Preferences.

Security considerations it is recommended to disable WebDAV when remote access to the iPhone is not required.

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