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How Samsung copied from Apple that was ridiculed in their advertising

In July last year Samsung released an ad made fun of iPhone users. According to Korean marketers, fans of smartphones from Apple due to weak batteries are constantly in search of the socket because the battery of the phone is not able to hold out and the day. In the ad, which has already been removed from the official channel of Samsung Mobile YouTube, happy users of the flagship Galaxy S5 boast removable battery your gadget. The ads can be viewed on the Australian channel companies.

Nine months after starting the campaign, Samsung launches new flagship Galaxy S6, which is much more similar to the iPhone and also Apple flagship has a removable battery.

What it led to? Refer to the user reviews about the autonomy of the Galaxy S6.

“Charging my Galaxy S6 is enough for the day – from 5 am to 10 PM. The main role is played by the long lasting battery. But I am unhappy with raw firmware Samsung, which consumes too much energy. The phone almost never settling down, always working at full capacity, and even in power saving mode seems to do nothing to prolong battery life. Moreover, the availability of wireless charging and Quick Charge 2.0 does not justify such a feature. Looks like Samsung had to choose between battery life and smooth interface, and all votes received last.”

Here is another review:

“Hungry apps significantly reduce the battery life Galaxy S6. We did a test, which opened the browser and refresh the page every minute and Galaxy S6 proved to be good for more than nine hours on a single charge. But during actual use – especially when working with YouTube or games – smartphone battery lasts for a much shorter period. There were days when the phone has lived up to midnight and even more, but most of the power saving mode has been included already at 6 PM. This is clearly worse than the results that I received on an iPhone 6”.

And another one:

“It may sound paradoxical, but battery Galaxy S6 lacks exactly day. We are talking about normal use: surfing the Internet, browsing Yelp, checking email, uploading photos to social networks and the use of Google Maps. Note that batteries wear out over time, and the more you will load your smartphone, the faster it will discharge. Conclusion: this is not a phone that can survive a whole day on a single battery charge. And you can’t just insert a spare battery like the Galaxy S5 – will have to buy power pack case cover, for example from Morphie for $ 100”.

If we do not take into account the pettiness of last year’s Samsung advertising, you’d think the marketers of the company in July 2014 did not know which product will have them in April 2015. But because the management of Samsung, who claimed the advertisement should have been aware of that. So, either none of the top managers not seen an advertisement or nobody cares that their own product would be subject to the same jokes about “hugging the walls” of the iPhone or Samsung decided that we will forget.

You can certainly argue that Apple supposedly similarly pierced with ads about iPhone 5 thumb, which is easy to reach any part of the 4-inch screen. The advertisement was published two years before the advent of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with larger screen sizes. Although users were complaints about the size of gadgets, the sixth generation Apple smartphone has demonstrated record sales.

This is an ad for Apple, which was at the same time as the promotional video Samsung. Please note that it does not focus on competitors and owners of their products, and talks about how the iPhone can improve the lives of children and their parents. It is still relevant today.

Removable battery – archaic solution which had the advantage of Samsung products in the past. Now he’s gone. As noted by one user:

“I had three smartphone based on Android, and I turn on the iPhone. There are a lot of reasons. I like the simplicity of the iPhone, in addition, almost all my friends use the “Apple” smartphone. The Galaxy has its advantages, such as excellent camera, but these gadgets obsolete before you buy it (unlike the iPhone). Finally, the refusal from Samsung removable battery in the S6 was the last straw: now nothing left for me. My next phone will be an iPhone”.

He was not the only one:

“I tried S6, but I did not like that he has a non-removable battery and no SD card slot. But finally refuse to buy this smartphone in favor of the iPhone has forced a weak battery life. It is no more than the S5”.

Rumor has it that future phablets the Galaxy Note 5 will also be non-removable battery. Thus, we can take two lessons from this situation. First of all, never insult the users of a competing product, when they themselves are going to copy it, acknowledging the superiority. Secondly, now is the best time to think about switching to iPhone.

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