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How much is the most expensive app in the Russian App Store?

For many users online-the App store is something of a deli for ordinary citizens, who have not known all the charm of the iPhone and iPad. Some of the most active users who often acquire a variety of games and apps, than go for bread.

The App Store is filled with simple games and live entertainment, the price of which, mainly, does not exceed 15-30 rubles. But there is in the catalog and this software, which is more expensive than the devices on which it runs. You will probably be surprised to know how much is the most expensive app in the App Store.

Four years ago, the most expensive app in the app Store cost about 30 000 rubles. It’s called iRa Pro and was intended to control surveillance systems. As planned by its creators, the target audience were government institutions, corporations and schools. While many were surprised such a high price and predicted a quick death to an expensive applications. However, their predictions did not come true.

Apparently, the demand creates supply. Because the App Store was even more expensive VIP Black app. Unlike corporate iRa Pro it aimed not to control the surveillance systems or enterprise services. According to the creators, this software is exclusively designed for millionaires that will be able to confirm the existence of the account not less than 75 000.

For the money the user gets VIP access to various areas will be able to order through the company’s partners in various VIP services, book lodging, buy watches, yachts and other luxury goods.

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It seemed that no one would buy a mobile app at the price of the iPhone 7. But such people are found in the Russian App Store has at least one user iVIP Black. “Kaef at all. My dog now ilitny and rides only in VIP places ( ° ʖ°) ” – he wrote after purchasing the program.

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