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How much does charging your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Have you thought ever, how much you charge your smartphone, tablet or laptop on utility prices? Not to worry: according to our calculations the cost of electricity consumed during the year is inconsequential. In our calculations, we used the Moscow flat-rate tariff for which 1 kWh costs 5,03 ruble.

So, for a daily charge iPad over a year would require 12 kWh of energy, which ultimately will result in astronomical 60 rubles 36 kopecks. In other words, the iPad will be removed from your wallet for about 17 cents each day.

A smartphone with a battery capacity of 1440 mAh will consume 2 kW for the year, so the daily charge you have to spend 10 roubles 6 kopecks. New iPhone and Android smartphones have slightly higher capacity batteries, but the difference in totals will be insignificant.

Charging the laptop looks much more expensive on the background of the previous devices. Consumed during the year 72 kWh you have to pay 362 of the ruble 16 kopecks.

Below are listed other electronics and appliances:

  • Water heater: approximately 1750 rubles per month, or 21 000 a year.
  • Tesla: as annual mileage 25 000 km you spend on exercises 427 rubles 55 kopecks.
  • Washing machine: on average in the wash 3 times a week for 2 hours leaves 1810 rubles a year.
  • Desktop: when consumption 390 kWh each year, the computer costs in 1961 ruble.
  • Refrigerators: new models are power-optimized. For 350 kWh per year need to pay 1760 roubles.
  • Plasma TV: under 5 hours watching TV a day, the device consumes 360 kWh per year, which equals 1810 rubles.
  • Xbox One: the game console requires 0.11 kW. When using the console for about three hours a day fee for the year will be 120 rubles 45 kopecks.
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Some people believe that being in the socket, chargers for gadgets continue to use power. Allegedly wasted consumes about two thirds of the electricity used by portable gadgets. The How To Geek experts argue that this is not true.

During the experiment it became clear: if in the course of a year continuously to keep up to six sockets adapters, in zheke have to pay about 10 rubles.

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