How many teacher salaries will be needed to buy a top-end iPhone?

At RIA Novosti, they calculated how much Russian teachers will save from a salary for the top-end iPhone XS Max at 512 GB. Data taken from the Avito Job service.

An iPhone with the maximum configuration costs 123,000 rubles, and the average teacher salary in the country is 25,837 rubles. It turns out that on a smartphone you have to put aside almost five whole salaries and not spend money on food, an apartment, clothes and other necessities.

In Moscow and St. Petersburg, the indicators are better: you have to save three and four months on a smartphone, respectively.

But the longest time to save in Voronezh, Saratov, Togliatti and Omsk: a teacher from Voronezh will be able to buy an Apple smartphone only after seven months of total savings.

Recent calculations by Rosstat are even more depressing: about 23% of education workers in the Russian Federation receive less than 15,000 rubles, and 7% less than the minimum wage, which is 11,280 rubles. This applies to Dagestan, the Tver and Lipetsk regions, as well as Chechnya.


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Kostya Baranov

August 30, 2019

Everything sounds very sad. Not because teachers cannot afford the most expensive smartphone on the market, but because many people have to live on 11,000 rubles or less. Here is such a sad post before the Day of Knowledge. If you are in school, at least do not make people nervous who are trying to make you better.

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