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How many people actually uses the Apple Game Center

In iOS 4.1, which debuted five years ago, was launched a new Game Center service. It’s the Apple app that keeps statistics in games, allows you to chat with friends and make new acquaintances. How many actually people use Game Center?

How do I find the developer kirk Barges, service in real time displays the statistics using Game Center. Access to information is not difficult – in his words, it is stored in the clear. According to the statistics service, in the last 8 hours of application use approximately 77 000 people.

The total number of Game Center users currently stands at 405 519 488. Most likely, we are talking about the total number of accounts on the service, including users who are not active gamers. Note that this number does not reflect the total number of sold gadgets from Apple, as one account can be assigned multiple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac.

Last year insiders have reported that Apple may completely abandon the game application Game Center. Not supposedly this program in OS X. Instead of a separate application, this functionality will be implemented directly in the games, through integrated services.

Perhaps this explains the fact that the Game Center service is not available on the new Apple TV.

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