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How manages to sell Beats cheap headphones for audiophile price

Apparently, the owners Beats paying serious “tax life”.
A team of enthusiasts took apart a model costing a few hundred dollars and found that the total cost of its components does not exceed $18. It’s like daylight robbery, even though it’s not the most interesting.

We are not the first time we hear that the cost of gadgets can differ from the prices in the store. However, we do not buy just the electronic components. The final cost of the product is the sum of labor costs and Assembly, research investment, design, after-sales service and many other implicit factors, including the surcharge for the brand name.

If we leave aside the cheap materials, Beats headphones also contain a number of interesting design decisions that reduce their cost.

Disassembly of 200 dollar headphones Beats Solo HD, which went on sale in 2013, completed engineer Avery Louie. He carefully studied the design of the gadget and its accessories. MacDigger offers to get acquainted with some of his conclusions about this model.

Headphones consist of less than 40 parts

When it comes to disassembling a complex and expensive device, you expect to see hundreds spread out on the table details. But it’s not about Beats headphones – they comprise a total of 37 components.

It should come as no surprise: headphones, what premium they are, do not contain chips, batteries, or moving parts, such as a smartphone or a computer. The newer models Solo 2 headphones and Mixr probably consist of the same number of parts.

Headphones with a cost of $20, sold for $200

Only eight of these parts – screws

To save time and money in the production of headphones most of the components are glued together. It is much easier and cheaper than tie them to each other.

But even the Beats are unable to get rid of the screws – the developers had to use to secure the mesh of the speakers to the headphone cups.

Metal weights give solidity

In Beats believe that a more heavy product feel more expensive, durable, and therefore sold better, says Louis. And he seems to be right: everyone wants to use a device that feels and looks expensive. For example, I use the headset for $ 40, and she looks like 40 dollars. It’s light, moving parts it came loose, and the headband is very flexible. Despite the fact that the device is actually quite comfortable and durable, it gives the impression of an expensive and high quality stuff.

Beats headphones are positioned as a premium, and therefore the manufacturer is doing everything to make them look solid. And so almost a third (29.5 per cent) of the weight falls on four zinc plates, the only objective is to make heavier headphones.

The internals of Beats Solo HD made in the same way as any other gadget, but this disassembly showed a lot of interesting things about what is happening with the product before it will hit store shelves.

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