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How long does your MacBook without charging?

Have you ever wondered how long you can operate without recharging your MacBook/MacBook Pro? Apple promises “all day battery life”, but is it in practice? There is just a way to know the real battery life of your MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.

We are talking about the real autonomy of the laptop, not the predicted standard count in the OS. In order to know how much your MacBook can work without recharging, you must recharge it to 100% and use it for normal tasks until the battery is almost fully discharged. When the device will alert you that the battery is about to be discharged, it is possible to assess the actual autonomy.

This method is suitable for any version of the software platform macOS or Mac OS X.

How to know the battery life MacBook

1. Charge the laptop to 100% and disconnect it from the power source.

2. Use the MacBook in the normal mode until the battery reaches 1-5%.

2. When a warning appears on the discharge, open the applications folder, navigate to subfolder “Utilities” and run the program “Monitoring system”. Alternatively, you can use the Spotlight shortcut Command + Spacebar and type “system Monitoring”.

3. Go to the tab “Energy.”

4. At the bottom of the screen, find the item “DC”. The rate meter will show the real battery life of your laptop.

As an example, we used the 15-inch MacBook Pro, purchased a few months ago. At the moment, the battery took 141 charging cycle. As you can see, the battery life is only about 3 hours. Figures may vary depending on the usage scenario, the age of the laptop and the battery status.

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How long does your MacBook on a single charge?

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