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How iPhone to stop a bullet AK-74 [video]

Why not just do with an iPhone in a blender and crushed, and boiled in soda, and shot from a high-caliber rifles, and were flattened by pressure. As the number of views of the respective rollers, people like creative destruction igadzhetov. This time with the iPhone decided to deal with a Kalashnikov.

When Theodore Roosevelt was shot during his campaign speech, the bullet hit a 50-page manuscript. This gave him the opportunity to speak another 90 minutes. Good that he read it not with the iPhone. It is clear that a smartphone is not able to stop or slow down a bullet. But if you are more, that should be enough?

In the original experiment EverythingApplePro has attended three of the iPhone 6 Plus, two iPhone 6 and two iPhone 5s. They were fastened to each other on a wooden base. At the end of the line of gadgets placed the flagship Samsung Galaxy S6. The first strikes took the iPhone 6 Plus.

“To save your life, you will need six iPhone”, – concluded the enthusiast, making two shots on the armor of gadgets. He secured the success of the shot from the shotgun 12 gauge.

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