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How iPhone changed the world for 10 years

Today Apple celebrates 10 years since the announcement of the first iPhone. January 9, 2007 the founder of Apple, Steve jobs introduced the first-generation iPhone and called it a device, which combines three products at the same time: “shirokorechenskiy iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone and a breakthrough communication device for the Internet”. Since then, the gadget has completely changed the thinking and lifestyle of modern man.

Once there was a time when we had to ask for directions, if they are in an unfamiliar area of the city. And to learn the schedule of trains and buses, I had to go to the station or stop. And we always carried a lot of gadgets. Phone to call or send SMS, mp3 player or more player with audiocassettes to listen to music and a camera to take pictures. The wireless transmission of such data then seemed inconceivable.

Later came mobile phones which combined several of these functions. And among managers a status symbol steel the Blackberry. With the built-in qwerty keyboard on them it was possible to write so long texts, which hardly could be created on an ordinary mobile. And yet all of these devices had buttons and more or less cumbersome menu. Phones have become smarter, but the instruction manual is thicker.

The revolution occurred on 9 January 2007. Apple CEO Steve jobs introduced the first iPhone at the Macworld conference Expo in San Francisco. This device was the touch screen which you can print through and to increase the content. It was a smartphone with great features, yet intuitive for users. As said Steve jobs, “simple can be harder than complex”. So the mobile phone has become a mini-computer, which easily can handle even the children.

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Life has changed beyond recognition

Since the triumphant March of the iPhone does not stop. Apple became the most valuable brand in the world. With the success of iPhone similar products created and other companies. If in 2007-m to year in the world sold 122 million smartphones in 2016- a billion and a half. iPhone or its analogues under the brand name of a competitor become an integral part of our lives.

Now he keeps on hand and life changed as never before imagined. Hardly used, before the invention of the iPhone, it would be polite to look straight while talking to messages on the phone. And one could hardly see half of the participants unabashedly staring at the screens of their phones, while one man reported. We are looking at the screen of the smartphone immediately after waking up and then almost 200 times during the day. And not releasing the phone from his hands just before sleeping. According to the sociologist from the United States sherry Turkl, smartphones have made us “kind of people-robots”.

To the fact that on the platform or in the bus almost all looking at their mobile phones instead to explore the surroundings or to communicate with each other, we have long been accustomed. And last summer appeared something new: we saw a huge number of people who feverishly and excitedly walk around the neighborhood, looking for something and at the same time keep the screens in front of his nose. It was a new app Pokemon Go and search monster has become a national sport.

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Often disappears and the line between work and leisure. Surveys of the polling company YouGov last summer showed that almost every second employee checks the corporate email after the end of the day. And almost a third did it at least once during your last vacation. While 40% of respondents say that they are disturbed if their boyfriend or spouse checks work email on vacation. One third perceives continuous availability as the load. Some companies react to this and prevent sending emails related to work, after hours.

As we obey the smartphones

And another thing. Everything we do with a smartphone, which apps use, leaves behind a long digital trail of data. Computers evaluate our actions, and algorithms have already begun to guess our preferences and intentions. Greetings from George Orwell’s novel “1984”.

This means that we have complied with these little devices. They provide services without which nobody can do. They allow people who live far away from each other, to be together again. But everything has its price. Many have no time to live without a smartphone. If he’s not around, some people experience a state of fear and shock. There is even such a thing as “homophobia” or a psychological disorder known as “iDisorder”. Some people feel phantom vibrations.

And in the end, we again grab the phone, but we not getting any better. The one who constantly looks at the screen of the smartphone, runs the risk of have such problems associated with stress like high blood pressure, sleep disorders, in the worst case, burnout or depression. And therefore, we should not lose control of our little helpers. And just occasionally turn them off.

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