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How free download “goat Simulator” for iOS cost 280 rubles

Service IGN has launched a campaign distributing promotional codes for “goat Simulator,” which caused a sensation after the release on computers and mobile devices. A few days after the start of sales of our ambiguous hero news was able to disperse a circulation of 100,000 copies. So, now version games for iPhone and iPad can be downloaded for free.

Goat Simulator developed by Coffee Stain Studios. In the game, gamers can try on the role of this cloven-hoofed: ride on urban prairies, lick and drag the items to make stunts in the air and a lot more then mad and freaking hilarious. After the dominance of a plurality of mobile clones official Goat Simulator – a real breath of fresh air.

The main objective of the gamer is to destroy everything. Vaguely Goat Simulator similar to GTA, although the developers are asked not to compare the two games, since the design was made just a few weeks and does not differ scale-spaces.

Goat Simulator requires a lot of fantasy, so to say, some of rigour. Man, accustomed, when the fun starts automatically right after launching the. exe file, here will be incredibly difficult – you need yourself to come up with a lesson. Moreover, – and it throws in the game polyleucine crafts, anything really serious product type Minecraft – eventually get bored even the most inveterate dreamers.

IGN carries out the action on the distribution of promotional codes for free downloads of the game: for a limited time “goat Simulator” can be downloaded “for nothing”. To get the code, go to this promo page IGN and click Get My Code. Then in the window that will remain to click on the promotional code.

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