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How exactly is slowing down the iPhone worn out battery

28 Dec 2017 Apple has released a document explaining exactly how and on what parameters is a slowdown in the smartphone with a worn out battery. A detailed description was published on the website of the Corporation.

Users of the iPhone, whose battery it is time to replace, you may notice the following changes in gadget:

  • increased startup time of applications
  • reducing the frequency of updating the images while scrolling,
  • reducing the backlight brightness, which can be adjusted via the “control center”,
  • decrease the speaker volume by three decibels,
  • a gradual decrease in the frequency of updates to images in some applications,
  • in the most serious cases, enable flash through a custom camera interface will be impossible
  • updated in the background apps may require a reboot at startup.

However, the process of slowing down the smartphone does not affect:

  • the quality of mobile communication and data transfer speed,
  • quality of photos and videos
  • the accuracy of GPS and location
  • work barometer, accelerometer and other sensors
  • the Apple Pay system.

How to fix the slowdown

Almost all smartphones with or otherwise degraded battery will help regular change of the battery. Apple has announced that in 2018 the United States will begin to run a campaign to replace the battery in the iPhone 6 and newer devices. In the framework of the installation of a fresh battery will cost the owners of gadgets from $ 29 to $ 79.

Early next year, Apple promised to release a special application, with which users can test the performance of the iPhone battery.

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