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How does the Theater Mode on the Apple Watch watch OS 3.2 [video]

Apple added to their smart watch Apple Watch, the new mode is the Theater Mode. The corresponding innovation is implemented in a software update watch OS 3.2 beta 1, which debuted on Monday.

Enable Theater Mode from a control point of the Apple Watch. Here, in addition to the mode “do Not disturb” and the mute Apple added a new button with the image masks. By pressing this button the user can easily turn off the sound and turn off the activation screen smart watches with the rise of the wrist. Thus, nearby people will not be distracted by extraneous sounds during movies or theatrical productions.

When enabling Theater Mode notifications keep coming for the Apple Watch, the user will only receive haptic effects to not miss an important message. To view notification when you enabled Theater Mode you must touch the screen or the scroll wheel Digital Crown.

Earlier it was rumored that the mode Theater Mode will appear in the iOS 10.3 and will be a new dark UI mode, which has long asked the owners of iPhone and iPad. However, this information was not confirmed, apparently the feature was delayed until iOS 11.

Along with Theater Mode, update watch OS 3.2 beta 1 brought support framework. Due to this, developers will be able to implement a call services in their apps with Siri, for example, to order a taxi, Uber or send message in WhatsApp. These actions can be performed with the help of smart watches, without taking your iPhone out of your pocket.

While it is not specified, when will be the release of the final version watchOS 3.2. The previous major update watchOS 3.1 was tested over months.

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