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How does the new Back button in iOS 9

One of the most useful (though unnoticed by many) interface changes in iOS 9 – a new button that allows you to quickly go back after switching between applications. Here’s how it works.

The ability to redirect in required to view content the application is usually very useful, but it can be a pest. So, if you are likely to intend to watch the YouTube video in the corresponding application, then, say, redirect from Safari to Facebook after accidentally pressing the button login in the latter, at least, annoying.

As a result, most users of Apple gadgets the sequence of actions “double tap on the Home button – swipe to the left, tap” already works at the level of reflexes. In iOS 9 won’t have to do this. When you follow a link in another application, the operating system fills in the “Back” button instead of the network signal strength – just tap it and it will return you to the previous application.

The button will stay in place as long as you do not break open the app. To return to two and more application ago fail. If you followed a link from a Message in Safari and then Safari in the App Store, we will not be able to access the Message – a new button will return you only one step back.

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