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How does the iPhone 7 Plus in the color “black onyx” after three months of use without a cover [photo]

Owners of smartphones iPhone 7 has faced a number of shortcomings of the new Apple devices. In particular, people began to complain of a characteristic feature of the flagships in the color Jet Black – scratch on the case. A Reddit user under the nickname Robhue showed that the surface of iPhone 7 Plus, after three months of use without a case.

Although Apple States that the strength of the iPhone 7 Jet Black anodized is not inferior to other gadgets, it is scratched. “If it bothers you, we recommend you to choose a case to protect your iPhone,” advised the company. According to Robhue, he doesn’t like to hide the beauty behind a nondescript box, so I decided not to listen to advice Apple.

Despite the complex process of anodizing, very soon the surface of the iPhone 7 Plus and not protected by a cover, covered with micro-scratches.

Many buyers choose a “black onyx” for attractive appearance. And the case really hides the “luxurious deep gloss” color, as it characterizes the manufacturer. On the other hand, and scratch that result from the use, eventually driving the whole beauty.

Previously experiment project jerryrigeverything once showed that glossy iPhone 7 scratch much easier than the models in other colors. At the same time, in this case with the gloss effect looks so much more original than conventional aluminum. So you have to choose what is best: the usual matte or glossy fresh, but with scratches.

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