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How does the drag and drop feature in iOS 11

In iOS 11 have the opportunity to drag and drop content between apps is exactly the same as on a typical desktop computer. Users who have installed a test build for developers and public beta, it will be interesting to see how it works.

Overall, this innovation — the kind of thing that Apple definitely had to add to its mobile OS. Especially in light of the fact that the company is promoting the iPhone and iPad as tools for productivity.

Consider how drag and drop works for example iMessage.

Step 1. Open the Messages app and navigate to one of the chats.

Step 2. Displays a list of messages sent and received. Hold one of the messages.

Step 3. By pressing check other posts / Emoji / gifs that also want to drag.

Step 4. Drag the selected messages to a window writing text and release.

Step 5. The result is a text created from the selected messages that you can send to the recipient.

Drag and drop feature is one of the most useful innovations in iOS 11. It can be used in other applications. But this feature will be especially interesting for those who like to keep correspondence. This will allow to re-send messages in a more convenient way than by copying and pasting.

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