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How does the 3D display Touch into iPhone 6s [video]

Flagship smartphone iPhone 6s, presented in San Francisco on Wednesday, offers a fundamentally new way of interacting with the device for the first time in its history Apple smartphone can distinguish the effect of depression on the display. How does 3D technology work Touch, later in this article.

In addition to such familiar gestures like tap, swipe, pinch and pinch, the 3D Touch technology allows you to use the Peek and Pop. This new dimension to the iPhone. With these technologies, the user can view the different content and work with it, without even opening. For example, if you click on the letter, the Peek will show previews. But if you push harder — function Pop open it.

If someone sends you a link to a web site, the Peek can show him the preview without leaving current application. But if you want to see your pictures without having to switch between apps easily click on the thumbnail of the photo. If someone sends you an address, the Peek will show it on the map directly in the app in which you are.

Thanks to the “Fast action” will need much less clicks to perform the most common operations. You can create a message for the people from the list of favorite contacts. Or quickly switch the camera to take the selfie. Or immediately get directions to the house. For many of these actions with a single click from the main screen of the smartphone.

For example, just click on the icon of the Phone app to call someone from the list of favorite contacts. If you click on the icon of the Messaging, you can create a new message or contact one of the friends from the list of favorite contacts.

The 3D Touch technology provides for many functions in iOS 9. So, one press turns the iPhone 6s keyboard to the trackpad: click on the text in Notes, Mail or Messages, and the keyboard will become a virtual touchpad. Use the cursor to quickly and accurately select sections of text and to work with them.

Thanks to 3D Touch allows you to quickly switch between applications. Press the left side of the screen to go to the multitasking. Swipe until you find the desired application. Then tap it to open. In the Notes app 3D Touch will allow you to capture ideas and more precisely: when you draw or write, you can use lines of different thickness.

Use of the 3D Touch is very easy. However here implemented the most advanced technologies. Capacitive sensors measure the slightest change in the distance between the glass screen and the backlight level. According to the results of iOS provides a quick, accurate and consistent response with regard to the pressing force. This is only possible thanks to the close integration of software and hardware. iPhone 6s sends instant tactile response in the form of a light touch, implying that recognizes the effect of depression.

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