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How does iOS 9 for iPhone 4s [video]

For the first time in the history of releases of iOS, Apple has not denied support legacy devices: earlier in Cupertino were necessarily withdrawn from the life cycle of any of the products.

Apple announced at the WWDC event 2015 a new version of mobile operating system iOS 9 already announced which devices will be able to move on the rails of the new platform. And here everything is simple and clear: the update is available for owners of smartphones, tablets and media devices now running iOS 8.

After released the first beta version of iOS 9, many began to wonder how to work their gadgets with the new OS, because often because of the many new features the performance drops. In the case of “nine” it is not.

A YouTube user under the nickname Adrianisen decided to check this fact and established a new iOS 9 on my iPhone 4s. The test result demonstrated the new OS in the video below. From what we can see, the speed of the smartphone for gadget chetyrehletka years ago is really impressive. iOS 9 feels faster than its predecessor, and this is only the first beta version.

The fact is that instead of developing filled with new features iOS 9 with the subsequent withdrawal of the part of them which cannot cope inherited the hardware, Apple has created a basic version of the platform, effectively serviced outdated equipment, and only then to it was added capabilities designed for more recent generations of iOS devices.

iOS 9 will be finally ready in the fall. Application developers have already begun to experience the innovations on the part of the beta platform. To install the new version of the OS, as we wrote, and without a developer account. In July, Apple will release a public beta version of iOS 9, which will officially be able to try all the interested users.

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