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How does dual camera Leica the smartphone Huawei P9

This week, Huawei introduced the new flagship P9 and P9 Plus. Created in collaboration with Leica, smartphones with dual camera needs to change the perception of users about mobile photography. At the presentation of Huawei several times referred to the iPhone 6s camera, trying to demonstrate the superiority of their products.

Developed in conjunction with German camera brand Leica P9 consists of two 12-megapixel cameras, one of which takes color photos and video, and the other is only black and white. The modules work together to deliver superior photo and video quality with a low level of “digital noise” in low light conditions. According to Huawei, the device features dual cameras allow shooting to capture more light and details. We are not talking about the optical zoom and other functions. According to the company, at the expense of a second camera captures P9 270% more light than the camera of iPhone 6s.

During shooting you can choose from three shooting modes: Standard (standard), Vivid Colors (bright colors) and Smooth Colors (soft colors). Thanks to the calibration of camera parameters, each mode provides a specific color and style of frame inherent to Leica. The monochrome mode allows you to create black-and-white photos, this triggers only one of the two sensors.

Huawei P9 is used in the Hybrid Focus technology for faster shooting. The smartphone uses a laser-focus and depth and contrast. The ability to shoot with a wide aperture allows you to experiment with visual effects. In particular, the P9 camera allows you to create bokeh and other visual effects with depth of field, wherein the key object remains in focus.

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The second camera has allowed Huawei to fit the optical elements of the smartphone inside the case. This is really a big plus technology. During the presentation the company even “Petrolia” competitors for the protruding camera: the camera of the iPhone 6s Plus is 0.6 mm, the Galaxy S7 – 0.45 mm. on the other hand, the pictures did not allow to judge the quality of the shooting, should wait for the comparative photo shoots, to talk about the advantages of the dual-camera Huawei.

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