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How do you know when the last time was coming off an iOS app

Hard to break away from a smartphone screen? If so, then this must be addressed. To start is to see which application the user opens most often.

One of the biggest problems facing modern society is the dependence on smartphones. Instead of spending time face-to-face with friends or family, people, usually, closely look at the screens, thereby replacing the communication.

But not only that. Just watch a ton of movies or play mobile games all day, thereby draining the battery of the gadget. Fortunately, in iOS you can find out when was the last time you used a particular app to find out how much it time is spent.

This process is quite simple and will run equally well on both the iPhone and iPad:

  • You need to launch Settings, then go to the category “Main” > Storage.
  • As soon as you see the list, the user will be able to start it flipping. Under every application will be written the date of the last opening.
  • Of course, it can help to cope with the dependence on the smartphone: it is enough just to remove the most used. But it is also a reason to do a total cleaning gadgets: many probably have apps opened only once, when downloading.

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