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How Apple will make you buy the official wireless charging for the Apple Watch

The official charging for the Apple Watch, probably not the cheapest accessory of this kind, but if you want to charge your smart watch wirelessly, perhaps you simply have no choice. Despite the fact that the electronic bracelet is based on an open standard Qi, which describes the technology of wireless transmission of energy, Apple made it so that to use the device only with a proprietary charging.

The Qi standard provides the ability to charge the batteries of mobile devices without connecting any wires but simply placing it on the charging surface.

“Charging for Apple Watch is supplied with a device that supports the Qi standard, but the company decided not to test it with us on compatibility, – said Vice-President of the industry organization Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) John Perzow. – I think they use Qi version 1.1.2, but the software was changed so that the Apple Watch worked only with Apple chargers”.

Sale brand docking station for charging the Apple Watch with a magnetic mount began this week. The novelty can be purchased in Apple retail stores, as well as order in the official online store for $79. Magnetic Charging Dock is already available for users from Russia at a price of 6490 rubles. Buy promise to deliver in 4-5 weeks.

Magnetic Charging Dock is the first dock from the Apple, except the box for “special editions” Apple Watch Edition, which can act as a stand for charging. Modification of the standard will take some inconveniences to the owners of the Apple Watch, which will not be able to use charging in public places – hotels, airports or in cars. However, what Apple did, does not cause is to increase sales of proprietary solutions, and accessories issued MFI license.

Note that in June of this year, WPC has updated the Qi standard, which allowed increasing the maximum power transmitted by the wireless channel, and 15 watts. The organization noted that a number of manufacturers have already implemented the function fast wired charging, allowing for 30 minutes to charge the battery from 0% to 60%, and the current update of the standard Qi restores parity. Now you can wirelessly charge the battery of the mobile device with support for the latest revision of the Qi standard by 60% for half an hour.

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