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How Apple discriminated against Russians

Apple will need to solve the problem of repair of the displays of the iPhone in Russia, according to the order of the FAS. The Agency requires the company to open the official service center. The experts doubt that Apple will take such a step, but confident that she would have to change the rules of implementation of warranty repair. The cost of official iPhone screen replacement in Russia, why not to trust a “black” service centers and for which the Muscovite has filed a lawsuit against Apple, told the newspaper Gazeta.

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) last week issued a warning to Russian structure Apple — LLC “Apple Rus” — in the case of service and ordered prior to may 1, to open service center in Russia. Otherwise, as stated by the head of Department Igor Artemyev, the organization can expect fines.

The case against the FAS initiated after a complaint from Dmitry Petrov in the Basmanny court, which refused to replace the damaged display of the iPhone 6 Plus in several service centres which are official partners of Apple. The man offered to replace the device with a new surcharge, because the necessary parts for replacement screens do not come to Russia.

“Completely satisfied with [the decision of the FAS]. It was not a dispute about the replacement of the goods or recovery of damages. Apple had to change the procedure customer service for Russia, that obviously demanded approvals in their HQ. It is obvious that such processes do not occur instantaneously,” — said Petrov after a warning to the “Apple Rus”.

According to him, representatives of Apple in the FAS confirmed the intention to open a service center. Revealing, according to Petrov, is the time that the Agency has so far been no penalty. “This also means that the Commission believes that Apple will fulfill this requirement”, — said the interlocutor of the edition.

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It is noteworthy that a few days after the prescriptions of the FAS Russia, Apple decided not to void the warranty of iPhone owners who used the informal service centers. These rules work with a valid warranty on the device.

However, the novelty again is not applicable to the smartphone display, which will change on the “old rates”: or separately (if this is provided for a particular country) the screen itself, or replace it with a new device. It is no secret that the broken screen is the most common cause for going to repair.

The dispute is not about the money

At the same time for delivery to Russia for repairs is part of the iPhone, and fought Dmitry Petrov.

He explained that the case itself based on the Russian law “On protection of consumer rights”. According to him, Apple is required to provide service support to its customers. In addition, the case was confirmed by the foreign experience. “In particular, I referred to the US experience, where there is such a service and, for example, the cost of replacing the glass below three times than to replace the device in Russia”, — he said.

Apple, according to the source, not only broke the law, but also in a way discriminated against Russian consumers. Petrov confirmed to the publication that refused from the lawsuit because, in his opinion, no more reason to argue.

“It was a dispute not about money, but about delivery to Russia of spare parts”, — he explained his decision.

“Official Apple is a closed company where the common man can not get there. They are mostly created specifically for authorized partners. Via their smartphone or other equipment Apple get into the service,” explained managing Director of the Agency Mobile Speed Rating Sergey Vilianov.

Partners do not mend, and act as a collector, get the phones and send them to Apple. The very same “Apple” Corporation their very tightly controlled.

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Efforts Petrov, as expected, Russia will have a technical line, which will allow you to change the screens through an official repair.

This is confirmed by in re:Store where the owners “Apple” devices can pass them for a warranty repair in any store. “Cheque it is not necessary: we know all his customers by serial number of the device. The buyer receives a certificate of reception-transfer of goods for safekeeping, and leave the device for up to 45 days for repair. In fact the process is faster,” — said the press service of the store.

It is noted that all of this could not be done through the store, and immediately go directly to an authorized service center, choose it on the Apple website. “If the centre is not in the list, then he is not authorized by the vendor and we must beware of unscrupulous partners”, — warn in re:Store.

According to the information provided on the website of the company, Apple in Moscow there are 18 authorized service centers that carry out some kind of warranty repair work.

In one of them MCLABS — reported that currently do not replaced the display module, for example, the motherboard. There are other details that can be changed individually at authorized points.

Wilanow predicts that the cost of a replacement screen is “white” will average 13-14 thousand RUB For old models iPhone price will be cheaper, but can reach even up to 20, 000.

Smartphones on the bodies

The expert touched upon the informal and repair organizations. “Until recently, to be honest, the difference between a good illegal service and official the quality was not” — says Wilanow.

This is due to what phones were quite simple from a technical point of view, and in the presence of parts in the service, was to repair without noticeable loss of consumer properties.

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Global changes for the “black” of repair facilities occurred with the release of the 6S.

“Banal screen replacement was almost impossible, because the display has become one with a Home button that reads your fingerprint.

On iPhone 5s it was possible to change, but with the release of new models repairs are not carried out just. If you replace a key, whose number is written in the motherboard, the smartphone simply do not recognize,” explains Wilanow.

There are other details that are almost impossible to replace without interrupting the operation of the device. So, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus was the humidity, which is achieved by an internal system of pads.

“To disassemble and assemble without special equipment. There are many other nuances that require a serious approach to a serious of equipment which most of these services “lap” simply no”, — said the expert.

It is not to trust the engineers at unauthorized service centers when they offer to replace the glass on cheap illegal, which, they claim, is not inferior in quality, but only “yellow” or so called official price is higher.

Wilanow says that over the past years, not a single screen on the market officially, Apple did not put.

“These guys themselves admit that the so-called official screens they buy on eBay. They are restored from the dead phone,” shares the experience with such a repairman expert.

In this analysis on the details of particularly successful Chinese who take “dead” device and disassemble the pieces with the help of necessary equipment that allows to neatly separate working layer from the screen.

Currently, experts have learned “repeat” displays for all models of the iPhone fifth generation. But for iPhone 6/6S and iPhone 7 is not yet.

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