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How Apple destroyed the Chinese social network

Apple bought domain, which was the Chinese social network, so the founders of the service had to close. The website located at the domain

Apple decided to buy a domain name one of the last parts related to the company’s cloud service, which the company had not owned. Corporation of Cupertino took more than 5 years, to buy the iconic domain.

What kind of audience was in social network unknown. Now when you try to go to the website it is reported that the social network will be closed until 1 March 2017. The creators of the service offered to all users to delete their accounts on their own before that happens automatically. The developers recommend to abandon the use of e-mail addresses “**”.

According to preliminary information, domain to cost Apple $1.5 million.

“We made the decision to close the site and to terminate the provision of all our services. Our social service works since 2011, but now completed its mission, it’s time for him to resign,” — said the Creator of the social network Tong Li.

In 2011, shortly before the launch of iCloud a cloud service Apple bought the domain the company Xcerion. The transaction value amounted to $5.2 million.

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