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How Apple cheats iPhone

Apple has a program to repurchase damaged iPhone users, the company also equipped with brand stores equipment for installation on the screens of smartphones for more protection. Content Review analysts believe that in the scheme of redemption of gadgets, users no benefit, while the Corporation receives a significant income by trusting the owners of iOS devices.

The first is to review in detail the proposed Apple system receiving a failed iPhone. Depending on the nature of the damage, the consumer is offered a coupon worth from $50 to $250, which he can use as a discount on a new iPhone. For example, having the iPhone 5s with a broken camera or a broken screen, you get $50, while the new iPhone 5s costs $450. While repairing the screen of the craftsmen is worth about the same $50, the new camera will cost even less. It turns out that the iPhone is perceived as the natives ready to exchange gold beads, analysts say.

Why Apple’s old broken iPhone? It’s simple. In Cupertino practiced the pattern of iPhone sales in the second round: replacing a screen or other broken item that the company packs the mobile device in a new box and sells at a reduced price in developing markets. In this category, incidentally, includes Russia — in all major mobile and home electronics you can come across cheap smartphones that spelled out the marker “like new” condition. This means that the unit is repaired, he passed the test and is different from normal only by the fact that were someone to use.

It turns out that, buying iPhone 5s from the unsuspecting user for $50 and spending as much to repair and packing, Apple gets ready to sell the smartphone and sends it, for example in India or Russia. Where “like new” iPhone will be sold not too zamorachivayas consumer $ for $300-400. Quite good financial support for the company.

The trade of used smartphones Apple did not stop there. The company’s stores also have a service for installing “extra protection” on the smartphone display. As one of the partners is a company Belkin, which has and film, and special equipment for shops, who want not only to sell this accessory, but also to get paid for sticking film.

Someone at Apple decided that it is a sin to give the profit from this process, some third parties, so stick the film on the screen of the iPhone in the Apple company store. This process buyers iPhone only 20-30 dollars. Not so much, if you remember the pricing on Apple branded accessories and services.

In Russia, the most expensive repair is the iPhone 5s screen replacement, it will cost 6,000 rubles. Slightly cheaper controller replacement power supply and case.

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