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How Apple can solve the main problem in the design of the iPhone 8

The network has appeared the image of smartphone iPhone 8. According to leaks, the new flagship Apple will get a double vertical camera, and display, which occupies almost the entire front side. Front camera, speaker and placed next to it, the sensors will remain in place. The main question is, how does Apple solve the problem with the insert occupying the upper part of the display panel.

Unofficial press renders, created by independent designers offer one version of the design: the screen go around the box with the camera and sensors. Left and right of the insert will accommodate the Wi-Fi icon, network, and battery life.

Option 1: the iOS interface wraps around the insert with the dynamics and camera

Latvian designer Veniamin Gaskin proposed an alternative way of organizing the top of the screen of the iPhone 8. The gaps on either side of the insert will be used only for output service data icons battery level, and interface applications will begin immediately from the insert. And thanks to the black background, they will merge into a single line of smartphones Galaxy S8.

“From the point of view of usability this design is more reasonable: the top of the screen should not be used in the phone interface and reserved only for the service icons, in particular, for signal strength and battery life. The background color should be black. Of course, if Apple decides to release the iPhone 8 in light colors, because frame should remain black,” says the designer.

Option 2: the interface of iOS starts from the lower border of the insertion

The new iPhone in honor of the 10th anniversary of Apple’s smartphone will be unveiled in September 2017 at the annual presentation of Apple. According to the latest information, the company will release three devices, two of which will be a minor improvement over the current iPhone models, but with the glass housing and support wireless charging.

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