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Honda integrates an onboard system of their vehicles with the iPhone and Apple Watch

Honda has announced a new service Road Hints, which should integrate the navigation system vehicles with smartphones and “smart” clock Apple.

With the help of mobile applications iPhone owners will be able to get information about different places on the map (cafes, hotels, museums, restaurants, etc.) in accordance with the geographical coordinates of the machine or the specified route. The radius of the search data is 5 km away.

In addition, Honda plans to release an app for the Apple Watch. With it, users can remotely check the level of fuel in the tank and the average consumption, the distance that can drive the car without refueling, and other parameters of the onboard systems.

While mobile technology the Apple company Honda introduces the system of predictive cruise control (i-ACC. They will be able to predict the rebuild of other road users and advance gradually to slow down.

The Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control based on a conventional cruise control and is in possession of the front-facing camera and radar. Last help to monitor traffic using a specially designed mathematical algorithm (for this research was carried out on European roads) to predict the behavior of other traffic participants.

Services Hints Road and i-ACC must appear first in the updated CR-V crossover. Alas, the same SUV system will be available only in expensive configuration Executive.

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