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“Home bookkeeping” – control the Finance in times of crisis

Love money account. But in the modern era of information technology to keep track of finances using a pen and Notepad, at least, unwise. It is much easier to use for this purpose is rich in possibilities, but at the same time, a convenient smartphone application.

“Home bookkeeping” meets user login screen into the correct account. Here you can add a new profile, optionally specifying a password and security question. If you plan to use one account, I recommend to activate the automatic login switch.

Records of all financial transactions takes place with the main screen and all functions are marked with large icons. This style of interface I personally like more tabs or too detailed menu: everything is close at hand very clearly and there is no need to scroll the screen.

Lite version of “Home accounting” offers basic functions for managing finances. It supports manual accounting of the dollar, creation and editing of accounts, entering of revenue and expenditure, creation of backup copies.

Very pleased with the function multiplying the number of the cost when entering regular expenses or income. In other words, the user does not need to sum up the funds when buying multiple items. Simply specify the price of one piece, packaging, or kilograms and activate the automatic multiplication. If you make costs you need to specify the final amount after discounts, you just need to specify its importance in percentage. With the help of the special button while editing any financial transaction the user can easily launch a simple calculator.

Basic function also includes the editor of categories and subcategories of revenues, expenditures, and units of measurement.

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But the set of features of the “Home bookkeeping” is significantly wider in the premium version. The latter can be used free of charge during the month, then you will be prompted to subscribe. You can subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months, and you pay only after the testing of all functions without any restrictions. Of your Home accounting allows you to build reports four types, choosing the time period, currency display and including in the report the debts and credits.

Adding to the list the names of debtors and creditors can be conveniently taken into account such financial transactions, controlling the return using reminders. By the way, the process of adding information on the amount, term and interest rate in Lenders can serve you a simple and convenient mortgage calculator that will build a table of payments and separately indicate the amount of the overpayment.

“Home bookkeeping” in the premium version supports the planning of expenses and incomes, making in advance the expected expenses and earnings that would be taken into account by the program automatically.

If you decide to save, then you definitely will need a flexible accounting of budget expenditures and revenues in each category. Gradually making the spending and receiving of money it will be possible to monitor the process of filling or exhausting the set of values, adjusting your budget completely or according to certain criteria.

Finally, one of the most important features of the premium subscription — synchronization profiles by using with Dropbox and Google Drive, allowing you to use “Home accounting” on any device. The app is available for both computers and for mobile platforms iOS and Android.

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What we have in the end? Powerful multi-user tool for versatile accounting and Finance planning with the syncing capabilities that are available when buying a very inexpensive Premium subscription. Controversial, in my opinion, remains the presence of a small range of currencies and manual input of information about her. I would prefer to automatically obtain the data to convert the most popular units of money when you are connected to the network and view their dynamics.

Otherwise, a great app for a fairly detailed accounting of funds. If you just love to control your finances or decided to do it during the current economic downturn, “Home bookkeeping” will be a good and modern assistant. Remember, counting money is always useful.

Download “Home bookkeeping” on iPhone and iPad at this link.

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