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Hollywood film company looking to take on Apple with $30 early new rental movies in iTunes

At the end of last year it became known that Apple is negotiating with Hollywood film companies about the possibility of early new rental movies in iTunes. In Cupertino want to put Hollywood blockbusters in his shop for a few weeks after the premiere in cinemas.

According to Variety, the Hollywood studios show “greater flexibility” in negotiations on the prospects of an early movie rental. Most likely, Apple will be able to ensure that a new tape has appeared in iTunes before.

Recently Apple has held talks with Warner Bros, which suggested that the conditions $50 for the rental of the film 17 days after the premiere, the film could still be shown in cinemas. Other studios like Fox and Universal, are inclined to a smaller amount, but a little longer delay.

As many of the iTunes users will prefer going to the cinema viewing of the new home, companies can lose much of the profit, so this opportunity won’t be rather expensive. The Studio insist on a premium price tag for new paintings.

At the moment, Fox and Warner Bros offer the rental at $30 for a movie 30-45 days after the release of the movie. The company adheres to the Universal period of 20 days. Participate in the negotiations, Lionsgate, Paramount and Sony, as well as AMC, Regal and Cineplex. Disney is not interested in.

Distributors are worried that if the new film will be available online earlier, it may have a negative impact on ticket sales. For movie studios, by contrast, is able to offset the decline in demand for DVD and to get a wider young audience, accustomed to watch movies on mobile devices. However, not all names will be subject to common conditions, for example, companies can decide to withhold the sequels to the big franchises.

In December it was reported that Apple is also trying to get more early arrivals for movies on iTunes that would help to get an edge over the competition in the face of Google Play, and others. On Tuesday, Apple released a new version of the media player iTunes 12.6, which allows with the release of iOS 10.3 and 10.2 tvOS to view a rented movie on any device.

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