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Hitman: Sniper – under the gun

Who remembers before the release of computer-console Hitman: Absolution (which, incidentally, wasn’t liked), got a sort of game-warm-up: Hitman: Sniper Challenge. There it was necessary to shoot accurately with a sniper rifle, lying in some bushes. Moreover, rarely the ultimate goal was to “kill that one” – you’re expected to shoot the villain most sophisticated manner: to be given more points. A lesson many had in mind – probably looking at the example of older brothers, the authors of Hitman Go has built a game where 98% of the time passes through the crosshairs of a sniper scope.

47th dwelt in the mountains, apparently, the tourism cluster of Eastern Europe. Before him stood a mansion, filled with guards and dignitaries: prostitutes, drug dealers, businessmen and corrupt politicians. Standard, in General, the set for the world of Hitman. The voice of Diana gently clarifies, kill the girl and the screen shows photo. Roving crosshair around the house, we find the victim; however, just to kill her – a trifling matter. It is advisable to do some podmiotom: through the wall, for example, or to hide a corpse, or to stage an accident.

Often, the game itself sets specific conditions: shoot policy, and first shot to score 80 000 points. Or kill the victim, but quietly – let no one sees. Or shoot two victims with one shot – Yes, it happens sometimes.

After the mission, Hitman: Sniper displays the statistics – the more effectively you play, the more chances to break the record. Appreciated, for example, austerity – if not to hold your breath and turn the optics, it will give more points. Numerical feats are submitted in a separate table, where you compete with the same employees of sniper rifles. Interestingly, achievements, ranked by medals: typing a million points, you get a silver second degree. Half a million first. The practical benefit of this is, in General, no, but it’s nice.

Generally, to play well, to perform the mission is not enough. In the game, in addition to the main goal, and some humiliating tasks, there are additional goals – about five high-ranking comrades. Them if think to break records, too, need to shoot; don’t forget about the guards. For example, “accidentally” rigged heater explosion that claimed the lives of three security, make points even more than the elimination of the main goal. Space for improvisation, in General, decent – don’t be afraid to experiment.

Since all of the missions take place in the same mansion, and among those same people, you can quickly learn the action plan. So, the fat will now retire with the model – will be removed from both time – this will come to the pool (going to shoot him in the head), but haven’t figured out what to do. This is both a plus and minus game – ever-recurring actions. A little change of conditions come into play two of the neighboring house, but meaning it to the final level will be the same which was from the beginning.

It turns out the sandbox, where he left only a few molds. We can play with them, somehow, even to experiment, but only in a rigid framework. Pure creativity early “Hitman” is not here; rather a puzzle.

Puzzle, I must say, “naked”. For some reason there is no plot and even some tangible dossiers on victims: Diana will say a few words about each, but no more. To know what these strange people in the house; can’t explain the motives of the 47-th and its Agencies (although it is, perhaps, true).

In my spare time here it is proposed to collect drawings for new rifles on them or simply to save – but the point is this, useless. Starting weapon pumped to the max – everything you need; all sorts of sophisticated murder weapon is not needed. The same applies to special abilities. They better not to use it – so honest, but if needed, we can do major: x-ray vision and super shoot”.

Hitman: Sniper is a little more than 250 rubles, and will not require anything beyond, however, if desired, to give on a new rifle. The price tag, considering the length of the narrative (and to play here, naturally, the day) adequate – that’s only if the desire to pass Hitman: Sniper before the end. This is a great question, worthy of a separate discussion.

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