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High-performance Apple A9X chips are issued without the participation of Samsung

Not to face shortage of iPhone 6s, Apple has ordered the production of the A9 processor once the two companies: Samsung and TSMC. The first manufactures chips on 14-nm process, and the second – to 16-nanometer. Practical experiments have shown that despite the larger physical size of the chip from TSMC is able to provide an iPhone 6s faster performance and more autonomy.

In the case of platform a 12.9-inch tablet Apple A9X the situation is somewhat different. The release of the iPad Pro has entrusted to TSMC only. Demand for tablets, which are the only carriers of this platform, will be relatively low. Analysts suggest that Apple will sell around 2 million devices till the end of the year. Thus, Apple is not required to split orders to multiple partners. The choice in favor of TSMC may indicate recognition of the excellence process this company over the decision Samsung.

Hardware the iPad Pro is so efficient that it is able to surpass the performance not only products in its class, like the Microsoft Surface Pro, but also devices from other categories such as MacBook. In fact, Apple’s own processors have reached a level of performance that can become a real alternative to Intel chips.

the iPad Pro has a dual core processor A9X frequency of 2.25 GHz, which is approximately 300 MHz greater than the frequency of the A9 in the iPhone 6s. The gadget is ahead in performance, all other iOS devices. This 12.9-inch tablet Apple’s performance in Geekbench on par with the 13-inch MacBook Pro and Surface Pro 4 in single core mode. In the same test the new product from Apple performs better than the 12-inch MacBook and MacBook Air 2015 release. In multi-core mode test exceeded iPad Pro 12-inch MacBook and MacBook Air.

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Demonstrates impressive performance and graphics of the iPad Pro. The A9X chip was head and shoulders above their competition. In OpenGL versions of the test GFXBench Apple product ahead not only to schedule all other gadgets on iOS, but integrated graphics from Intel, including the Iris Pro 5200 in the 15-inch MacBook Pro and Intel HD 520 in the Surface Pro 4.

It is expected that Apple A9X next year will be part of the new iPad Air 3.

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