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Hifiman requests for flagship player “Studio sound” 96 000

The company Hifiman has announced its new flagship product. Recently in our country came headphones the HE-1000, and now there was the addition in the line of Hi-Fi players. It is about the music player, Hifiman HM-901s.

This development of the previous model HM-901 – a top player in the line of portable Hi-Fi company. HM-901s received elegant and at the same time durable aluminum alloy silver color, a separate connector for balanced headphones and advanced analog volume control. And thanks to the dual high-voltage battery, which can significantly reduce the noise from the power system, as well as removable modules of the amplifier, giving the ability to pick up headphones of different types, HM-901s aims to become the “guide to the world of Studio-quality sound and incredible detail”.

In addition, the player has a new UI Taichi II with friendly management and doubled the maximum capacity of supported memory cards – up to 256 GB. For the first time in the Hi-Fi industry player is switched on for only three seconds.

The gadget comes in two main trim levels with the balanced amplifier and the new Minibox amplifier Gold: on the Board from metal, which ensures a minimum level of distortion.

The company calls the new “leader in its class”, as the gadget supports a wide range of uncompressed formats, including DSD 2.8 MHz and the DAC on the basis of two chips premium ES9018 “will give an unforgettable sound, transferring you to the concert of your favorite artist”.

The cost Hifiman HM-901s in Russia is 96 000.

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