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Hiboo: mobile messenger that allows you to see the text messages before pressing “Send”

We all know what it’s like to endlessly peer into the cloud “You write…” to get a one-word response. With the new messenger Hiboo don’t need to send a message – the recipient begins to see the text messages immediately, without delay.

As the developers told Hiboo, the idea of service was born to them during the TechCrunch Disrupt hackathon in London, which the team won with another application. After the event, the programmers decided to go back to the original idea, to realize it. At the moment, it’s as close to live communication text messenger.

“New opportunities for flirting, news, or just friendly chat and no fatigues waiting for”.

The application still has one major drawback – can communicate with each other only smartphone users. About plans to develop the desktop version, while it is not known. Nevertheless, given the ubiquity of smartphones, traditional messengers definitely have to move.

Hiboo release is scheduled for January 30, but the developers have started open testing of an application in which can participate all interested persons. You need to go to the developer site and include your mailing address.

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