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Headphones Revols taking the shape of the ear for a minute, a few hours raised money for the mass production [video]

On kraudfandingovoy site Kickstarter project successfully funded a unique headphone Revols, which independently adjust to the shape of the ear of the owner. To raise 100,000 dollars to the creators of the device took only a few hours.

Previously, the process of making the perfect and individual forms of cushions can last for a long time. Rivols offers to do it in just a minute. Thanks to a special gel inside “cushion” sealing the earphone cushions will take an optimum form in just 60 seconds.

Revols wireless headphones and connect to your smartphone using Bluetooth 4.1. While working in offline mode is 8 hours. With the app, the user can control the system noise cancelling headphones.

The rear portion of each earpiece has a removable lid, whereby it is possible to change and combine them. As promised by the manufacturers, due to the emitters of the Japanese company Onkyo sound quality will be impressive.

The first investors will receive next summer your copy of innovative headphones for $169 and $199. The remaining copies will cost $299. The project on crowdfunding site collected per day over $250 000.

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