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Headphones for proper sleep Kokoon gathered on Kickstarter 15 times more than needed

Kickstarter is completed the fundraising for the production of unusual headphones called Kokoon. The idea of the device manufacturer for a comfortable sleep was so interesting that instead of $100,000 at the start of production, the company raised $1.5 million

In addition to its ergonomic and organoleptic characteristics, Kokoon is smart enough to know what music to play depending on, sleep or awake. Headphones equipped with a wireless interface and a system of active noise cancellation. Foldable design makes the gadget is compact for transport.

The main “chip” of the novelty is the presence of features of electroencephalography. If a person wearing such headphones to listen to music before going to sleep, and then sleep, the device will automatically detect this and will automatically lower the sound volume. At the same time he can work as a alarm clock and Wake up a man in the most convenient from a physiological point of view.

Special sensors headphones Kokoon process information about sleep and environment. Based on these data, the headphones do our best to improve sleep quality. And it really doesn’t matter where the person is at home in a cozy bed, riding the train or flying in an airplane. All that is needed is to put Kokoon and press “Play”button.

In order for the user to effectively use the Kokoon, the developers have provided an application for smartphones. With relatively simple to use and beautiful, a person can monitor the quality of sleep.

About what everyone wants to sleep well, evidenced by the success of the fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. The minimum fee for headphones with EEG sensors is $189.

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