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Headphones connected via Lightning adapter to 3.5 mm sounds better than when connected directly to the 3.5 mm

An iPhone owner on Reddit conducted an interesting experiment with a proprietary Apple adapter to connect headphones with a 3.5-mm plug to the Lightning connector. He decided to compare the sound of headphones connected directly to the classic Jack of iPhone, using the Apple brand adapter.

Users of the new smartphone iPhone 7 there’s no other choice: they can only use the Lightning connector, selecting the branded headset Earpods, Apple or adapter. But owners of earlier iPhone models can also use audiojack analog and digital Lightning. As it turned out, the latter was preferable for lovers of quality sound.

Testing showed that the same headphones connected to the analog 3.5 mm Jack and Lightning port (via adapter) sound different. The difference is noticeable as on the headset from Apple, and the Studio “ears” Audio-Technica.

“After testing different songs in different configurations, I can say that the high and mid frequencies sound cleaner when using the Lightning adapter. The sound in the headphones louder than in the case of analog connector, ” says the author of the experiment. – The difference is small, but it is. Now we have another benefit from the fact that Apple refused to 3.5 mm.

Lightning connection will appreciate the fans of the sound who can feel the delights of crystal sounding of 24-bit audio, noted the blogger.

Buy audiophonic Apple Ligntning connector can for 800 rubles.

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