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He knows “Vkontakte” about users? Spoiler: all

Belarusian Christian Shinkevich, who lives in Poland, asked the “Vkontakte” all content owned social network. Support of “Vkontakte” made the request, and was surprised to Shinkevich.

May 25 any company that conducts activities in the territory of the European Union, is obliged to provide all the information about the user, which it owns. “VKontakte” is no exception, so Shinkevich decided to find out what information about him is from Russian social networks. In response, he received a file of size 1.5 MB, which describes all of its activity in “Vkontakte”.

They keep on me:

1) history change of name on my page.
2) What are the group’s admin/admin.
3) What files are uploaded in VC, with some of the IPS, cities, and even on deleted files, the link is in this file, moreover, even a simple voice message from the remote correspondences are kept in them.
4) All the files that I deleted from the page, or rather the address of the file name when added, and some of the IPS, as well as the direct link which they open, despite the fact that I even deleted those files from your account and correspondence.
5) moreover, the stored even address the pictures from the list of saved photos (private album).
6) Stores the history of correspondence, even remote (I have a Message for the period 01.01.2007 00:00:00 – 27.06.2018 20:43:51, but first displayed 01.09.2016 21:40:30), with all attachments, even remote.
7) the Whole history of binding-unbinding the rooms from the account.
8 ) the history of the password recovery page.
9) All comments and posts on my wall in the VC, even deleted a year or two ago.

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After publishing this post in Facebook, the administration of “Vkontakte” blocked page Shinkevich, and not responding to his messages. On this basis, he filed a complaint with the Polish Office for personal data Protection.

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